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Skype for Windows Phone sheds beta title, graduates to v1.0

Skype broke new Windows Phone app beta today, adding a contact search and landline calls are VoIP repertoire. Update to come up just shy of two months of the introduction of beta in February, and offers some small improvements, which should keep your call connected. You still make the call yourself, however, the full version […]

Xtex’s My Tablet gets you 7-inches of tasty ICS for just 150 bones

Tablets are great and all, but they sure can be expensive – especially if you want to run the newest version of Android. Step on the tablet I Xtex $ 150, 7-inch device is loaded with Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 16GB HDD (expandable to 48 GB via TF card slot) equipped with a 1.5GHz CPU […]

Microsoft job ads hint at a browser-based version of Skype based on HTML5

There are thrilling about using work to loosen the company’s strategy, especially when the ad is so gosh darn low confidentiality. Take Microsoft, for example, posting four openings for developers to work with Skype for Browser project. If that is not yet clear enough, each one different ad explained that Microsoft is looking for a […]

Canonical’s AWSOME API bridges OpenStack and Amazon clouds, Ubuntu has its head in both

New features and services that enhance the latest version of Canonical Ubuntu appears to continue in-flow in the addition of the last made its AWSOME proxy service announcements. No, it does not we get more excited about it, meaning that for any Web Service To me, and that includes a smooth transition to OpenStack API […]

Biegert & Funk bring the literal time to your wristwatch with QLOCKTWO W

This is a common desire for everyday people: we often say we want to read more, if only we had the time. Although it is not possible to fill your noggin in Hemingway prose or poetry Whitman, a new watch from Biegert & Funk promises to quench your thirst for word and really give the […]

MLB Network launches Strike Zone all-highlights channel on four providers

For fans of football and the NFL Red Zone Channel ESPN The goal line should look at the game today with a focus on efficient transfer between the scoring chance of the game simultaneously aired and now Major League Baseball has its own version (which Dubbed the web edition of the whole number). Strike zone […]

Onlive Desktop comes to Android tablets, brings Microsoft Office along for the ride

Today’s news for owners of Android tablets, either on the desktop envy OnLive: Cloud-based services, which just hit the iPhone, you get to choose a tablet running ginger and higher. This application uses the remote gaming company technology to bring a number of desktop applications on the tablet, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe Reader. […]

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